Milan Photodiary

Last weekend I went on a short weekend city break with my boyfriend. Living in a long distance relationship it sometimes can work out cheaper to fly to a new place, instead of me visiting him in Spain or him visiting me in Belgium. This time we got lucky with a great deal on flights to Milan, so that’s how we found ourselves in the Italian fashion capital. Continue reading “Milan Photodiary”

Reminiscing Paris

I’d always considered myself a London girl. Not that I lived in London or was in any way a Londoner, but I used to say it’s my favourite place on earth (yeah, I’ve not been that many places). Now, a few years later, I came to realise I am much more leaning towards the french chic thing rather than the edgy cool of Camden. Having never been to Paris it was obvious I had to visit, now that I live only a few hours away. So me and my friends went for a weekend in December and I fell hard. Here is a throwback to our trip!

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