Clothing quality misconceptions

We study complicated sciences, maths and history, art and literature, but we actually know very little about some of the most basic things in our life. It seems like it’s been only few years since we started asking: hey, are you not curious about what’s really in your food? And we are slowly, but surely, becoming more conscious and knowledgeable with our food choices. But the fashion industry is 15 years behind the food industry in terms of public awareness. We wear clothes every day and spend ridiculous amount of time and money shopping to fill our wardrobes. Luckily, it doesn’t really affect our health like food does (which is also not entirely true), but it definitely wouldn’t hurt knowing a bit more about it. Or at least getting rid of the common misconceptions about the quality of clothes. Inspired mostly by comments found on social media, but also beliefs of my friends and family, here I am bringing the truth that will let you shop in peace. Continue reading “Clothing quality misconceptions”