Milan Photodiary

Last weekend I went on a short weekend city break with my boyfriend. Living in a long distance relationship it sometimes can work out cheaper to fly to a new place, instead of me visiting him in Spain or him visiting me in Belgium. This time we got lucky with a great deal on flights to Milan, so that’s how we found ourselves in the Italian fashion capital. Continue reading “Milan Photodiary”

#streetstyle: Faux Fur & Vintage Knit

Anyone who knows me can probably tell I like to keep my style simple. I do really believe that less is more when it comes to clothes. And as much as I can obsess over those extravagant and colourful street style shots from fashion weeks, I’d rather stick to my basics. I try to invest in timeless pieces that I can wear through years no matter what the current trends are. Yeah I know – am I really a fashion student? But I do have space in my wardrobe for some guilty pleasures, and colourful faux fur is definitely one of my weak spots. Continue reading “#streetstyle: Faux Fur & Vintage Knit”